At Posi+, the customer is the reason we exist. He motivates us to constantly give our best and contributes to maintaining our vision of surpassing ourselves through strong values and best-in-class products.

Possessing distinctive skills providing us with state-of-the-art technology, our employees ardently strive for first-rate quality maintenance and repair service. Indeed, our equipment goes through a series of rigorous tests to exceed the expectations of our clientele and the highest standards of the industry. It is with our team of qualified people that we can offer you a unique variety of customized products, which strictly meet all your needs and requests.

At Posi+, we make sure to accompany you faithfully through the entire purchasing process so that your satisfaction is optimal in the end. One of the major elements that distinguishes us from the competition is undoubtedly our strong focus on the after-sales service. Indeed, the personalized technical support that we offer will surpass most of your expectations. Our specialized engineering team is there to fully assist you at the required times.

An equipment maintenance and repair service are also available to you to support the smooth running of your activities, no matter the scale of problems, which can arise in crucial periods. We therefore bet on an exemplary quality approach to customer service, distinguished support and a strong client orientation in every aspect through a characteristic purchase process.