Aerial Devices

Marked with our strong concern for detail, our aerial devices act as dominant figures on the market. With a design, which surpasses the highest standards of the industry and with its ease of manoeuvrability, our bucket trucks work with you, for you, and allow you to get work done at a high level of performance, no matter where you operate.

Symbols of legitimacy and quality, our aerial lifts distance themselves with innovative features. Add to that a continuous improvement process, a passionate team motivated to achieve top performance, a customized approach suited to each organization and equipment which delivers the best value. This is why the security, the reliability and the outstanding performances make our range of bucket trucks among the most distinctive in the industry.

Digger Derricks

Derived from numerous hours of research and development by an experienced team, our digger derricks possess the capacity to satisfy the most difficult tasks, no matter the working conditions. Their general performances speak for themselves, and our clients are unanimous regarding the power they can offer at a high level of intensity. A range of innovative features specific to Posi+ are added to their design allowing you to work in full potential to succeed in all your operations.

With a proven track record, our digger derricks now act as a symbol of trust and reliability in its sector. Indeed, a perfect and well-kept combination of qualified personnel, values conveyed by a mobilized team, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes show that a Posi+ digger derrick can undoubtedly confront anyone in the industry in terms of performances.

Telecom Cable Placers and catenary maintenance device

Building the telecommunication network for tomorrow's needs requires numerous working hours by a highly qualified team using well designed equipment, such as Posi+ cable placers. We are dedicated to offering you a top-quality product, one that will last longer and remain easy to use. Our purpose is to meet all your requests so that you are able to obtain optimal performances in an operational context.

Let our telescopic aerial devices for telecoms and catenary maintenance take you to another level by offering an unequalled working productivity, surpassing the standards of the industry. Its ease of maintenance is added to help enhance our vision of quality, which we are proud to put at your disposal.

Benefit from a significant return on investment and usability with one of our cable placers and railroad aerial device.

Cable handlers

Robustness and high-class performance levels being in their nature, our cable handlers constitute leading pioneers in underground pulling equipment. Their high reel drive capacity has the ability to handle the most demanding cable pulling jobs.

Surpassing your expectations and perfectly answering your specific needs, our cable handlers can perform in various work environments. Their high capacity of load combined with a premium torque engine will allow you to achieve unequalled levels of efficiency while reducing the number of hours dedicated to your various projects, thus increasing your global productivity.

Let us facilitate your operations with our cable handlers. Believe us, your competitors will envy you!

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